Sacarello Coffee

At Sacarellos we use the best Arabica beans from Central and South America for our well known 'Original Blend' traditionally known as 'Sabroso'. The higher altitude and cooler climate at which the Arabica shrub grows encourages a slower maturation ultimately producing a superior coffee bean.

Coffee Machinery

Sacarellos provide and maintain coffee machinery for the whole spectrum of coffee consumers in Gibraltar.

From top hotels and restaurants to cafe's, bars, offices and homes.

You can purchase the machines outright or hire them from us.

Sacarello Wines

Sacarello's imports the very best wines from neighbouring Spain, as well as a select range of New World wines.

We supply to Gibraltar’s largest restaurants and small bars alike, and we can cater for parties, weddings and special events.

Other Products

Other products sold by Sacarellos

Historically, B Sacarello Ltd were initially general merchants, wholesaling all types of foods and other products.

This is still true today, as although we remain coffee specialists, we have diversified back into many ambient foods, for the retail and catering trade.