Our Coffee

Our-CoffeeAt Sacarellos we use the best Arabica beans from Central and South America for our well known ‘Original Blend’ traditionally known as ‘Sabroso’.  The higher altitude and cooler climate at which the Arabica shrub grows encourages a slower maturation ultimately producing a superior coffee bean.

This year Jonny and Richard visited Nicaragua where they checked out some amazing rainforest  alliance and fair-trade coffee farms (check out our photos). We are beginning to receive the first consignments of these coffees now.

We also roast small batches of own origin coffees from around the world – including a magnificent Mexican water-processed decaffeinated coffee and an Ethiopian organic – see coffee menu below.

Sacarellos Coffee - Fresh from NicaraguaOur coffees can be found at Sacarellos, Morrisons, Eroski and other supermarkets and shops in Gibraltar.

If you have a restaurant / bar / trade enquiry in Gibraltar please contact us at  info@sacarellocoffee.com  or call our warehouse.

Export enquiries please contact odile@sacarellocoffee.com.

Sacarello’s Coffee Menu

  Price per 250g Price per 500g

Sabroso-Medium Dark Roast

Good all round day coffee with some acidity, good body aroma. ‘A well balanced blend of South and Central American coffees.’

  £3.22 £5.99

Espresso- Dark Roast

Similar to Sabroso Medium Dark but with less acidity, more bitterness. ‘A stronger coffee which is suitable as an Expresso coffee.’

  £3.22 £5.60

Negrita – Dark Roast

For those who like their coffee strong and more bitter. ‘Also suitable as an Espresso coffee.’

  £3.02 £5.60

Colombian – Medium Roast

Very smooth, mellow with good acidity, medium body. Juan Valdez’s favourite coffee!

  £3.43 £6.35

Brazil – Paracatu – Medium Roast

A good after dinner coffee with good bouquet, very nutty, some acidity and body. ‘A coffee to share in privacy with your loved one.’

  £3.22 £5.99

Kenya AA – Medium Roast

Ideal Breakfast Coffee. One of the best coffees in the world. Highly aromatic with a pointed acidity, very flavoursome with notes of caramel, citrus, mint.

  £3.70 £6.85

Costa Rica – Tarrazu – Medium Roast

Costa Rica is famous for its coffees! This is acidic, less than Kenya, with good body; a good all day drinking coffee.

  £3.22 £5.99

Ethiopia – Organic-Medium Roast

Where coffee was originally discovered! ‘Exotic, smoky, acidic, spicy, astringent with good body.’ Have it black after a curry – Wow!’

  £3.22 £5.99

Jamaican Blue Mountain

Most famous, expensive coffee in the world. Well balanced with good acidity and body and a complex but delicate flavour and bouquet.

  £17.50 £35.00

Mexico-Medium Dark Roast Decaffeinated

A magnificent “water processed” decaff coffee.

  £3.43 £6.35