Coffee Machinery & Maintenance Service

Sacarellos provide and maintain coffee machinery for the whole spectrum of coffee consumers in Gibraltar. From top hotels and restaurants to cafes, bars, offices and homes.

We deal in Plunger type machines, filter machines, and expresso machines, including fully automatic bean to cup models.
For Plungers, we sell La Cafetiere range, also available in Sacarellos Coffee House. For filter machines, we stock Technivorm & Bravilor, both Dutch companies specialising in filter coffee.

For Expresso Machines, we stock the Verona model, made in neighbouring Sevilla, and also the Saeco, an Italian Machine, (part of the Philips group), in both semi and fully automatic versions.

We sell or rent our coffee machines. We have two trained coffee mechanics, as well as our general manager, equally trained, who oversees them. We offer full service support to all our clients.


Office Machines

[custom_frame_left] Jura WE8 - Sacarellos Coffee, Gibraltar[/custom_frame_left] [/one_third] [one_third]

Commercial Coffee Machines

[custom_frame_left] Saeco Aroma SE 300 - Sacarello's Gibraltar
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Maintenance Service

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